Youth & Family Services


– Outreach and Diversion –

People often need short term outreach intervention as an alternative to placement/incarceration. Our Drawn 2 Success program gives clients access to professional advise assistance to help them make better choices. It also serves as a resource to local law enforcement agencies to care for youth and adults as an alternative to incarceration when less restrictive environments are recommended.

– Therapeutic Home/ School –

Our Drawn 2 Success Therapeutic Behavior Specialists are trained to provide a positive behavioral support system by way of Intake, Assessment, Life Skills, Anger Management & Conflict Resolution trainings, unannounced visits in conjunction with parent(s), guardian, teacher, program therapist support team and Parole/Probation Officers collaboratively. Adult Residential Referral Services are also offered as alternative sentencing orders.

– Gang Exit Intervention, Alcohol & Drug Prevention, Safe Sex –

J.C.D. works with schools and other community partners to provide children youth and adults with the skills and knowledge to make positive choices that support healthy lifestyles. Including Gang Exit Strategies & The benefits of selective association and the benefits of sobriety.

– Intensive Services –

This program provides quality referral educational services to students who have a disability and exhibit severe social, communication and behavioral deficits. We also offer intensive Behavior Modification case management services for those in need of Conflict Resolution and Anger Management training.

– At Risk Youth Council –

This service assists youth in the Special Education and Foster Care to achieve the skills necessary to lead a successful, independent life.


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